Kevin D. Powers in contemplation concerning the education crisis facing our nation on January 12th 2017!

 Kevin D. Powers, BA (Classics, UNB), MA (Classics, Dalhousie)

In his undergraduate degree at UNB, Kevin earned a Classics Honors Degree in which he primarily focused on studying Latin and Greek language and Roman and Greek History. In his graduate degree at Dalhousie University Kevin earned an MA in Classics in which he focused primarily in Greek Literature (Homer's Illiad and Odyssey), Medieval and Neo-Platonic Philosophy and Latin Philosophical Texts (Iamblicus, Plotinus, Anselm, Aquinas and Bonaventure). Moreover, Kevin completed 1 year of supplementary Graduate work at McMaster University in Religious Studies where he focused primarily on Early Christianity and Judaism.

Kevin was a paid teaching assistant during all his years at UNB, Dalhousie and McMaster. In addition, Kevin has taught Latin and Greek both at the grade school level at a private school in Tallahassee, Florida and in Halifax NS. Kevin also taught Latin for a year at Crandall University. In total, Kevin has over 10 years teaching experience. Kevin's passion for learning Classical Languages (Latin and Greek) and their supreme importance in  providing high school  students with a superior grounding for learning all the other subjects and disciplines is his life long goal. Ultimately, the current public model of education in Canada is failing our children for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the removal of the Latin language from the Canadian Public School System over 40 years ago. There is a link between poor performance in reading and writing and the removal of Latin from our school systems. Parents need to be aware of the importance of their children learning Latin for at least 3 years prior to entering university regardless of whether a student is majoring in English, History, Philosophy, Anthropology or any other discipline in the Arts or in the Sciences , Law and Medicine. Kevin firmly believes that there is a renaissance of Latin in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia- a renaissance which is a key factor in the rebuilding of the public and private education systems in those countries. Kevin would love to see this renaissance come to Canada and more specifically Moncton NB! The future of a proper education for our children depends on it.