Committing to learning only 2 to 3 years of Latin will undoubtedly be the best decision that you can make for your academic career. If you have taken the time to watch the YouTube videos and read the articles, you are beginning to have some idea about the multitude of benefits there are from learning Latin. I encourage you to test the waters by enrolling either in Moncton Latin Academy's summer Latin classes which commence on June 26th and  July 24th 2017 respectively or by enrolling in the Fall and Winter Semesters for the 2017/2018 School year, or by enrolling in the three class primer course, which will be scheduled on an individual basis. The two summer Latin sessions will run Monday to Friday for 1 hour each day for a total of 20 days and therefore 20 hours of instruction. The Fall and Winter semesters will follow the Anglophone East School District here in Moncton NB. These Latin classes will run one day a week for one hour each class. The day on which the Latin class will be held will depend on each student's schedule and preference since Moncton Latin academy will offer one on one classes and group classes each day of the week including the weekend. With this type of schedule, students will not be over burdened while they are in school full time. They can think of their Latin class once a week like they would their extra-curricular activities such as hockey or basketball et al.  To enroll in any of these Latin classes simply contact the academy at 506-233-8641 or by e-mail at: